Connect a Smart Electricity Meter from Sweden to Home Assistant

Sweden is adopting Smart Electricity meters for a while. When you have such a smart meter, you can monitor the energy usage of your home with Home Assistant. Every Swedish smart meter is following the DSMR standard which uses a P1 port. This P1 port can be used to connect a smart meter gateway to make the data available for your own usage. One way to get some insights is Home Assistant. Home Assistant has a beautiful dashboard with all the information you need. The Swedish smart electricity meters also output the output of solarpanels if installed.

Gas usage also visible

Some gas meters are smart too. When they are, most of the times they transfer the gas usase to the smart electricity meter. They use a radio link for this. This makes it possible to also publish this data to Home Assistant

In this post I will tell you how to connect your smart meter from Sweden to Home Assistant.

What do you need to connect a Swedish smart meter to Home Assistant?

  • Get a Swedish version of the Smart Meter WiFi gateway from SmartGateways

Step 1: Install the Smart Meter Gateway

Install and connect the Smart Meter WiFi Gateway following the supplied installation manual. You can find it on the support page.

Step 2: Connecting the Smart Meter WiFi gateway to Home Assistant

Install the DSMR integration in Home Assistant by going to Settings -> Click Add Integration and search for DSMR Slimme Meter.

Select Network from the drop down list.

Enter the ip address from the gateway in the Host field. Fill in 23 as the Port and select DSMR version 5S (S for Sweden).

Click Save and you’re done. Sometimes it is nessecary to restart Home Assistant to make all the measurements available.

Step 3: Configure the Energy Dashboard sensors

When the Smart Meter Integration is installed you have to select the energy consumption and energy production sensors to get the data into the Home Assistant Energy Dashboard.

  • Go to Settings -> Energy -> Electricitygrid
  • Grid Consumpton -> select Electricity Delivered
  • Return to grid -> select Electricity Returned

Configuration is done.

Please note that the power details in the dashboard take a day to be displayed. Be patient, it will look like the picture above the next day.

Now available: the Watermeter Gateway from SmartGateways

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