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Some time ago I developed this watermeter gateway for remotely measuring the water usage of our house. It can read the waterusage when the watermeter is using a rotating dial with a metal plate on it. It can also be used for the Kent V100 or Elster V100 “grenade” type watermeters. The gateway sends the measurements by mqtt to the used domotica system like Home Assistant, domoticz and Homey. It also has an API on an internal webserver which can be read by other applications. It can be easily put on every watermeter with the provided velcro.

Available on SmartGateways.nl

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Watermeter home assistant energy dashboard

Easy mounting

The gateway is using a small sensor which can be mounted on the meter. You can use the provided clip with double sided tape for this. Keep it further in place with additional velcro which is also in the box. This keeps the gateway cheap and usable on different kinds of meters without using some expensive mounts. The waterproof sensor is connected to the gateway by using a cable of 140cm. The gateway itself can be put on a dry place where there is enough WiFi coverage.


Initial configuration can be done by connecting the gateway with a usb adapter of 5V and 1A (sold seperately). The gateway broadcasts the WiFi network “SmartGateways WATERMETER” which you can connect to using a smartphone. Just put in the current watermeter value and the watermeter factor. This is the muliplication factor of the rotating dial on the meter when a liter of water is used. Usually this is 1. Some meters use 10 (10 liters per rotation).

If you are using mqtt, you can fill in the mqtt broker details (you can find an installation manual in Dutch here

Press save when all the information is filled in. The gateway restarts and starts sending the water usage including some statistical data to the mqtt server.

MQTT topics

The watermeter gateway will publish the following mqtt topics to the configured broker:

watermeter mqtt topics

These topics can be read by every software which can use mqtt such as Home Assistant, Domoticz of your own cloud application on a remote location. It can even use MQTT over TLS to ensure your data stays private.

Regular backups to internal memory

The gateway will backup the measurements on a hourly basis. If a power outage occurs, the gateway can restore the last measurements from backup. This keeps the gateway “in sync” with the real watermeter value when a power outage occurs. The backup will only be made when there is a change in the measurement so the internal flash memory will last for long.

Firmware updates

There will be new developments to the gateway on a regular basis. The gateway will check every hour if there is a new firmware update. When there is a firmware update available you will get notified by the mqtt topic “update_available” changing from “false” to “true”. Also the blue led on the gateway will start to blink fast to indicate there is a new firmware available.

You can remotely update the gateway by sending “yes” to the mqtt topic “watermeter/smart_gateways/install_update”. It will restart automatically when it is finished installing the update but it will make a backup of the current watermeter value first. The update buttong is integrated in the Home Assistant dashboard so you can update the gateway from there!

Don’t worry, if you blocked the Internet connection for your IOT devices, the gateway also works. You will get notified by mail if there are new updates available when you order the gateway on SmartGateways.nl

Leakage detection through AI

The watermeter gateway uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to detect abnormal usage of water. When the gateway detects a leak it will send a mqtt topic and publish the information to the REST-API webpage. Within the Home Assistant dashboard the leak_detect value will change from false to true. There will be an update to the Homey app soon.

Home Assistant dashboard

The following dashboard can be added to Home Assistant:

watermeter home assistant dashboard

All the important data of the watermeter will be displayed including usage per minute, hour, day, week and so on.

Costs of used water can be calculated within the Home Assistant dashboard

When you add the costs for water per liter, taxes and fixed prices for water delivery the costs will be displayed on the Home Assistant Water Meter Gateway dashboard too!

Just follow this instruction to add the dashboard to Home Assistant: https://haprofs.com/watermeter-koppelen-aan-home-assistant/


You can use Domoticz to connect to the watermeter gateway. A detailed instruction can be found here: https://haprofs.com/watermeter-uitlezen-met-domoticz/

watermeter domoticz dashboard


The Watermeter Gateway has it’s own app in the Homey App store. You can find it here:


Power supply

The watermeter kit comes with a USB Power supply of 5V-1A and with a usb cable of 1 meter.

watermeter kit home assistant domoticz homey

Now available!

The Watermeter Gateway is available smartgateways.nl for € 49,50. This is including the velcro strap for easy mounting and a quick-start manual. Shipping is available to most European countries.


13 thoughts on “Watermeter for Home Assistant, Domoticz and Homey”
  1. Is there a way to use this with gallons instead of liters? Do you ship to the United States?

  2. Hello! You sent me here from the HA Facebook group. What would shipping/total cost be to 15701 in USA?

  3. Bevat de Watermeter Gateway bestelling van 59,95 ook de wifi module of moet ik die apart bestellen?
    Ik wil de watermeter koppelen aan mijn Domoticz systeem. Heb ik dan genoeg aan dat pakket van 59,95?
    Is er misschien ook een app die waarmee ik de meter kan uitlezen?

    1. Beste Bert,

      De watermeter gateway is een complete set waarmee je je watermeter kunt uitlezen. De set wordt geleverd met sensor, wifi module, voeding en usb kabel. Je kunt er dus meteen mee aan de slag. Er is geen app voor beschikbaar maar met Homey, Domoticz of Home Assistant kun je hem wel op afstand uitlezen.


  4. HI Roel

    have you had experience with Italian water meter ? i have one old Bosco & c water meter, where i can’t see metallic parts on it . info on is are : 2,5m*3 /h B_H 16 bar – B93 320.02 and it was producted by Bosco & C Torino ( if you want, i can sent you an image of it ).

    thanks for your support

  5. Hoi Roel,

    Is het mogelijk om 2 water meters sensors en 2 slimmemeter gateways gelijktijdig te koppelen met HA?
    Ik heb namelijk 2 aansluitingen van de nutsvoorzieningen.

    1. Hi Vincent,

      Yes this is possible. You can increase the cable with a maximum of 15 meters. You can use 3 wire cable for VERSION A and 2 wire cable for VERSION B. Just use thin loudspeaker cable (a little bit thicker than the sensor cable) and you’ll be fine.


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