Some Cheap chinese FTDI cables use a fake chipset from Prolific. Prolific has prohibited the use of these cables. Windows does detect them but they are not usable. Use these 8 easy steps to install the driver.

  1. Opening the device manager shows the driver as “PL2303HXA PHASED OUT SINCE 2012. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR SUPPLIER.”

PL2303HXA Phased out since 2012. Please contact your supplier (SOLVED)

2. To solve this, you can download the driver here.

3. Unzip the archive and Install the driver. Go to the next step.


DSMR P1 – Slimme meter via WiFi adapter met display


4. Open device manager. Right click on the unrecognized device and select “Update Driver”.

5. Click on “Browse my computer for drivers”

PL2303HXA Phased out since 2012. Please contact your supplier (SOLVED)

6. Select “Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer”

PL2303HXA Phased out since 2012. Please contact your supplier (SOLVED)

7. First select “Show compatible hardware” and then select “Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port Version [27/10/208]” from the list. Click Next.

8. The driver is now installed successfully and is even maintained after a reboot.

PL2303HXA Phased out since 2012. Please contact your supplier (SOLVED)


23 thoughts on “PL2303HXA Phased out since 2012. Please contact your supplier (SOLVED)”
  1. This installation worked for me. But unfortunately the COM port still doesn’t work. And if I power cycle the Prolific device it shows a yellow triangle. Any ideas?

    1. Did you first uninstall the current driver with the esclamation mark? you can enable all the hidden devices in the device manager to uninstall those too.

      1. Removing all my old COM ports does actually remove the yellow triangle! I didn’t know this one.

        But I cannot still not connect but that might be a hardware issue as well

  2. It worked for an ICSTATION UNO R3 compatible board, on windows 10.

    Thank you so much !

  3. Hi Roel,
    Thank you very much.
    Very simple to do it, by following your guidance.
    It’s working now.

    GOD bless you.

      1. Hi Roel,
        How to change the printer setting in order can print the paper without blank margin (fit as the ticket picture)?
        It’s looked the object in a center paper, so when print in landscape mode, about 7 cm blank paper in left of ticket.

  4. I found V dated 15/08/2014 worked where your suggestion of 27/1/2008 didn’t work. With your suggestion I had error 8020 which the Internet said was an incorrect driver, even if your suggestion allowed my laptop to recognize the USB cable. Many thanks for putting me on the right track.

  5. Great help, I recoveder my adapter and also learned something new.
    Many thanks, guru !

  6. Roel,


    I dusted off my old Sweex USB-to-serial and it didn’t work with Windows10. It is now brought back to life.
    Now i can use my CM11A again to send /recieve X10 command over the wire with HS4.

  7. Hoi Roel,

    Dank voor deze superhulp. Mijn oude gpsmuis werkt weer, nadat ik van mijn oude navigatiepc-tje naar een moderne nuc8 met win11 ben overgestapt, en ik hoef niet mijn plafond aan boord open te halen om een moderne gpsmuis te plaatsen op de antennebeugel.

    Mvgr, Henk

  8. This got my AirLink101 (Fry’s Electronics) USB-to-Serial adapter working again on Windows 10 x64. Never expected to see that happen. Glad I hadn’t gotten rid of it yet. Thank you very much.

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