Hungary Adopts Smart Electricity Meters: Monitor Energy Usage with Home Assistant

In Hungary, the adoption of Smart Electricity meters has been ongoing for some time. With the implementation of these advanced meters, individuals can effectively monitor the energy consumption of their homes by leveraging the capabilities of Home Assistant. It is important to note that every Hungarian smart meter adheres to the DSMR standard, originally developed in the Netherlands, utilizing a P1 port for connectivity. By utilizing this port, users can establish a connection with a smart meter gateway, enabling access to the data to get insight in their energy usage and production. With this information you are able to efficiently use your energy for costs savings.

One notable benefit of employing Home Assistant is the ability to gain valuable energy insights. This user-friendly platform provides a comprehensive and visually appealing dashboard, presenting users with all the essential information they require. Additionally, for individuals with solar panels installed, the Hungarian smart electricity meters also provide outputs related to solar panel performance.

By combining the power of Smart Electricity meters, Home Assistant, and solar panel integration, people in Hungary can effectively manage and optimize their energy usage, ultimately leading to more sustainable and efficient energy practices.

Gas usage also visible

Smart Gas meters are being installed in Hungary too, just like their electricity counterparts. When gas meters are equipped with smart capabilities, they can efficiently transfer gas usage data to smart electricity meters. This data exchange is made possible through the use of a reliable radio link, which opens up exciting possibilities, including the ability to publish this valuable information to the popular Home Assistant platform. With the Smart Meter Gateway from Smart Gateways it’s possible to monitor your gas consumption with Home Assistant too.

In this post I will tell you how to connect your smart meter and gas meter from Hungary to Home Assistant.

What do you need to connect a Hungarian smart meter to Home Assistant?

The Smart Meter Gateway from Smart Gateways is the ultimate solution. It is the preferred choice for connecting all smart electricity meters in Europe that utilize the DSMR or SMR standard and feature a P1 port.

The P1 port, not mistaken with an old telephone connection, plays a crucial role in this process. Unlike the traditional 4-pin connection for telephones, the P1 port boasts 6 pins, allowing for efficient data transfer. Developed initially in the Netherlands, the DSMR or SMR standard has been widely adopted across Europe due to its remarkable success.

Smart Gateways has been at the forefront of innovation in this field, pioneering a device that seamlessly connects to your smart meter using WiFi. With this cutting-edge solution, not only can you integrate your smart meter with Home Assistant, but it also opens up a world of possibilities for integrating with various Home Automation solutions.

Say goodbye to complicated setup processes and say hello to a hassle-free connection with the Smart Meter Gateway from Smart Gateways. Experience the convenience and versatility of managing your energy consumption with Home Assistant and other Home Automation solutions. Take the first step towards a smarter and more efficient home today!

Connecting the Smart Meter in Hungary to Home Assistant

Follow this instruction on how to connect you Smart Meter in Hungary to Home Assistant energy Dashboard.

  1. Connect your Smart Meter Gateway to WiFi and your meter using the provided installation manual on the Smart Gateways Support page
  2. Install the Mosquitto MQTT Broker using this manual
  3. Connect your Smart Meter Gateway to the Mosquitto MQTT Broker
  4. The gateway is auto discovered using MQTT Autodiscovery within Home Assistant
  5. Add the Smart Meter to the Home Assistant Energy Dashboard

Please note: Home Assistant can use two methods to connect Smart Meters. You can use telnet or mqtt to connect your Smart Meter to Home Assistant. You have to use MQTT in Hungary. The DSMR_READER integration is compatible for Hungarian Smart Meters.


When the Smart Meter is installed you will see the Home Assistant Energy Dashboard below.

Please note that the power details in the dashboard take a day to be displayed. Be patient, it will look like the picture above the next day.

Advanced Energy Dashboard for Home Assistant

You can also use the Advanced Energy Dashboard withing Home Assistant for Hungarian Smart Meters. This dashboard shows all the important readings from your Smart Meter within a beautiful dashboard. There are some additional steps you have to make for this dashboard. This beautiful dashboard is exclusively for users of their Smart Meter Gateway.

You will see the following things:

  • Energy per phase (W)
  • Voltage per phase (V)
  • Power per phase (A) – usage and return
  • Realtime energy usage (W)
  • Realtime energy return (W)
  • Smart Meter Gateway statistics like uptime, firmware level and ip address
  • Gas Consumption per hour (only if you also have a smart gas meter connected to your smart electricity meter)
  • and much more

Click on the image below to go to the instruction.


Also available: the Gasmeter Gateway from Smart Gateways

This gateway allows you to make your old Gas Meter Smart! Click on the image below to get more information.

gasmeter gateway
gasmeter gateway

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